2014 SFIPE - Gallery Photographica
2014 San Francisco International

 Gold Medal Awards

Tariq Zaidi
Four Boys On Stilts, Ethiopia
1st Place

Sebastiano Tomada
Women of War
2nd Place

Lindsay Morris
Making Up
3rd Place

Ricardo Abrahao
Eccentrism Club 1


Bremner Benedict
Mountain Gorilla


Judi Bommarito
I Heard Them Talking


Julia Borissova
Running to the Edge


Lora Brody
Beach Photo


Patty Carroll


Christopher Chadbourne
Miss Georgia State Fair


Frances F. Denny
Hope, the guest bedroom


Daniel Fox
Lo (Jupiter's Moon)


Amanda Francoeur
Leap of Faith (Death of Goldie series)


Terri Gold
Surma Boys in the Forest


Sharon Lee Hart
According to the Night Sky


Gillian Hyland


Ellen Jantzen
Let The Others Follow


Geir Jordahl
Leaf Canopy, Wuzhen Ancient Water Village, China


Asia Kepka
Horace and Agnes, “Accordion”


Alice Kivlon
Ambitious Thoughts


Jim Kohatsu
American Indian Profile


Tony Luong
Untitled (Grandfather), Vinh Long, Vietnam, 2012


Robert Moran


Bruce Morton
Forgottonia 107 lawn chair landscape


Roberta Neidigh
Black and White


Joseph D.R. OLeary
Ryan_L208 (series Of Beards and Men)


Zoe Perry-Wood
Kaitlyn, The BAGLY Prom


Sally Peterson
103 Years


Ryuten Paul Rosenblum
Japan Temple Wall: Nanzenji 1


Michelle Sank
Nicola,recovering from anorexia and Rachel,breast augmentation - Twins 20 years old from series "In My Skin"


Frederick Sharpe
For A While I Was Protected By What I Pretended To Be


Brian Shumway
Twins Simon & Manuel. Miami, AZ


Agnieszka Sosnowska
Self Portrait; My Belt


Stephen Strom
Painted Hills II, John Day Fossil Beds SP, OR


Jerry Takigawa
False Food Untitled F-406


Annelie Vandendael
Sois Belle


Wolfgang Weinhardt


Karolina Wojtasik
Nepal 01


David Wolf
Clover Tangle

Dianne Yudelson
Red-Veined Darter

 Silver Medal Awards

Geoffrey Agrons
Big Big Love


Linda Alterwitz
Untitled #16 (series In-Sight, from the project While I Am Still)


Keith Berger


Joanna Borowiec


Eddie Bragard


Joyce Chadwick
Horse and Trainer


Katrina d'Autremont
Skinny Dip


Maria Davis Denzler
Tufa and Clouds (Pleistocene Lake Series)


Maria Davis Denzler
Lost Suitor (Urban Raptor Portrait Series)


Peter de Krom


Katarzyna Derda
from series “Neverdoll”


Nicholas Fedak II


Emily Franklin


Paul Greenberg
White Dog


Hilary Handelsman
Bowl and Shadow


Jess Hardcastle


Sharon Lee Hart
Perfect Day


Teri Havens
Detroit, 1991


Clyde Heppner
The Ride


Murray Hidary


Mark Hoelscher
Soon, We Won't Be Here


Scott Hoyle
Sandscape #7


Michael Indresano


Doug Johnson
Concrete World


Kate Jordahl
"Sunset" from Crystal Day


Diana Juliusdottir


Yasuteru Kasano
A Ball


Kent Krugh
Miami Whitewater Forest Bald Cypress


Cyriaco Lopes
Eyelids: M Museum, Leuven, Belgium


Tom Lowe


Mariam Magsi
You can veil us...but you will never dictate who we love.


Angie McMonigal


Chuck Miller
The Three-Two Pitch


Elaine Miller
And this too shall pass, 2010


Kat Moser


Chester Ng
Pane-filled Times


Jeff Nicholas
Window Matrix, Fresno, CA.1


Mike Reed
Mindless Work


Astrid Reischwitz
Counted Cross Stitch, MA (The Bedroom Project)

Sinziana Velicescu

Portfolio Selections
These photographers will be featured in our Portfolio Selections series

Charlotta María Hauksdóttir


Geir Jordahl
The Circle of Life


Kent Krugh
Inside the Gate


Robert Moran


Ryuten Paul Rosenblum
Japanese Temple Walls


Michelle Sank
In My Skin